Eco-Mulch is derived from recycled wood chips that are a result of land clearing and tree pruning. With the large amount of bulky material produced by these activities, using Eco-Mulch actually helps to lessen the burden of our overloaded landfills.  This high-quality waste product is made into a beneficial product for the landscape and horticultural needs of homeowners and businesses.  This re-use in landscaping has many beneficial qualities, other than just appearance. Originating from land-clearing and tree pruning also means that there is no metal or other contaminates that may be seen in other mulches. Mulch made from recycled pallets or other waste streams may contain some metal, glass or other contaminates.

The wood chips are ground to mulch size and then piled up and held to be composted.  This heats the chips, breaks down the particle size, softens the wood cells, inoculates the pile with microbes, and turns the wood a very deep brown to almost black color. The breaking down of the wood creates a carbon-rich hardwood landscape mulch that is appealing to look at and helps the underlying soil. Because of the pile size, the composting process creates a large amount of heat from the microbes breaking the carbon out of the wood. The benefit to the gardener is this material is free of weed seeds and the small particles help both the underlying soil structure and nutrient content.

After it has composted sufficiently, this pile is then ground a second time to thoroughly mix the material and take advantage of the softer consistency to again increase the ratio of fine material to large chunks that take time to break down.  This gives a balance of durability with the large pieces while the smaller pieces supplement the underlying soil over time.

The color is interesting in that it changes over time and is a weathered-looking product. It provides all the benefits of a wood mulch and, in addition, it adds organic matter to the soil faster than others since these small particles sift down into the soil for the underlying biomass to use in the nutrient life cycle.  In the landscape environment, the manicuring and maintenance of property can prevent this cycle from naturally occurring.  Since organic material is so important to the process of keeping commercial and residential soils from having the nutrients depleted by what is growing there, this natural addition of carbon and its breakdown can help create and hold nutrients for the plantings. Compaction can be a big factor in the death of trees and plantings due to lack of air and nutrients that work through the topsoil, especially in high traffic areas of urban plantings. The addition of organic material helps mitigate the compaction process and cushions the effect, even with foot traffic in the area.

Nutrient storage and release to the soil as the surrounding plants need it is what nature does very effectively. As we landscape and control the environment, providing for this retention of nutrients and then releasing it from the fine particles is how soil science works. The organic material is like mini storage bins that slowly empty as the material breaks down and releases the beneficial nutrients for the plants to use and stay healthy.

These fine particles mesh with the larger ones in the air stream and when they are blown into your landscape, the Eco-Mulch forms a cohesive mat of mulch that will not float, wash or blow away. With its ability to remain in place in a cohesive unit, Eco-Mulch is ideal for controlling soil erosion problems.

The carbon footprint of this product is lower than many others in that it is locally produced and consumed. Many other mulch products are from as far away as California or Canada. Those products are selected for the bark content or “look,” but we feel that the texture and color of our Eco-Mulch create a very interesting “look” of their own and have a much lower environmental impact.


  • 100% recycled wood
  • Native hardwood that is decay-resistant
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Eco-Mulch prevents water loss from around plants
  • Double shredded for variety of particle sizes
  • Not dyed with any coloring products
  • When applied thick enough, Eco-Mulch both suppresses weeds and prevents weed seed germination
  • Double shredded to create a uniform product and help the mulch stay where it is put
  • Color creates visual accent within your landscape and garden beds
  • No inorganic debris is present in this mulch.


Explore the limitless possibilities of Eco-Mulch for your bulk mulch needs. Call the Dirt Guy for price and fast delivery of this ecologically-sound product.  We think it is a win-win proposition:  you have a nicer look to your property that is easier to maintain and we both help save a small part of the environment.


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