Safe and Environmentally-friendly Colored Mulch mulch colorants are non-hazardous. This makes the mulch we deliver to our customers completely safe for shrubs, plants, pets and children. Being recycled wood mulch, it only makes sense that we are committed to the environment and the colorants we use are free of harmful toxins, yet still hold up to the weather. Toxic emissions are a major cause of ozone pollution, and a significant part of the toxins released into the atmosphere come from industrial paints and coatings. The Dirt Guy system does not create more emissions from the process of making colored mulch since we use water-based mulch coloring formulations with no solvents.  A lot of science has gone into this dye formulation so that it minimizes the total amount of colorant needed because of the surfactants used. This keeps the process efficient and ecologically safe.

Laboratory Tests Prove Our Colored Mulch is Safe

Dirt Guy’s mulch is produced with mulch dyes that are safe for use around the home. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that our colored mulch presents no more concern for children or pets than regular, uncolored mulches. In other parts of the world, some still use lead- or cadmium-based pigments in paints and coatings. understands the risks involved with heavy metals and VOCs. Knowing and being involved in environmental activities, we make sure to avoid using any hazardous or threatening material in our colored mulch. The dye used to make colored mulch is the same material used in products like lipsticks, cosmetics and food containers.

Colored Mulch Durability

The colorants used have been engineered to ensure that the mulch we deliver to you stands up to the summer sun, the bitter days of winter and the many other moods of Mother Nature. Industry-wide experts rate the colorants we use as the top performers for color fastness. Coloring mulch well is an art and a science.  The basic component of the wood mulch is a natural recycled product and being natural, there are always variations in the wood. This natural variation is what gives the product its unique look and texture that can vary slightly based on the variations in the wood input.

Currently, we have three colored mulch products offered:  Red MulchBlack Mulch and Chocolate Brown Mulch.

In addition, our naturally-colored mulch, called Eco-Mulch, is a dark brown/black mulch that gets its color from being composted in large piles. The heating and composting effect on the piles creates this color that, over time, will mellow out to a nice gray color.

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