Chocolate Brown Colored Mulch

Dark chocolate mulch is double ground to a fine-textured mulch. Dark chocolate mulch creates a beautiful accent color around the landscape and garden. For a planting area, the rich brown color will create a bold offset to a lighter-colored house. 

As with our other mulch products, this colored mulch works as an effective ground cover in flower beds and around trees and shrubs, while helping to control weeds and retain moisture. The color will last at least an average of one year. Being a natural wood product, the exact time for color fastness can vary based on amount of watering and the environment the product is used in, such as sun vs shade.


Chocolate  Brown Colored Mulch

Our colors are created with environmentally safe and natural dyes that have been independently tested by a third party for your safety.

Pick up your dark chocolate mulch at our yard or we can deliver to you.


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